I use Unity to make games and public displays for iOS, Android, desktop and web.

Software: After Effects, Audition, FL Studio, Nero Recode, Photoshop, Poser, Unity, Xcode.

Hardware: Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android. PS3 SingStar microphone for Pogg’s voice recording.

Hand painted backgrounds by Celia Vuckovic, digitised by Ricky.

I use Unity for most of my work as it lets me focus my time on making engaging game mechanics and awesome experiences, rather than spending hours chasing memory pointers and allocating stack space.

Time is short, and although I can code directly in Xcode, Visual Studio and Eclipse if needed, there’s a big team of talented programmers working away at Unity Technologies who can build a far better 3D engine than I can. So, it’s a much better use of my time to build on top of their successes rather than spend weeks doing it all myself from scratch.

Also, using Unity gives me a fairly easy path from taking my iPad code, and turning it into an Android app, or a Windows 8 app, or one day maybe even a Playstation 4 game!