3D scanning is the process of taking a real life object and capturing it into an accurate digital model. You can scan a precious artefact, a collection, a building, a location, a person, anything really!


These scans can be incorporated into fully interactive 3D applications, such as embedding in a museum website, Virtual Reality tour, on a large touch screen in a public exhibition, or for further manipulation as digital art.

Ricky’s 3D scanning service is based in Canberra, and the equipment is portable. This means the service comes to you at your location (no need to transport your precious artefacts), and it also means it is available for most locations in Australia. International projects are possible, depending on the request.

The scanning service is tailored to your needs, rather than making you transport your items to a studio and having to fit into a set job template.


Museums, cultural preservation, heritage and archaeology

Museums and cultural institutions can give their visitors an incredible hands-on experience with precious artefacts and cultural heritage that would normally be locked behind glass or tucked away in a remote location for only the lucky few to ever visit.

3D scanning brings these precious and important pieces of culture to the public in a far more rich and engaging way than a simple flat photo can do.

Get up close and see the detail

Ricky’s 3D scanning service captures intricate details which can be enlarged onto big screens. One example of his work is a terracotta statue scan that accurately shows the tiny crack in the right hand of the figure, and another is a 2,000 year old plate where the 3D scan shows the fingerprints of the original artist!


Virtual field trips

Entire locations can be 3D scanned and recreated online or in an app or a VR experience. This gives great opportunities for virtual field trips to let people explore an area in a much more personal and engaging way compared to looking at photos or videos.

Possible uses include conservation sites, difficult to reach places, real estate tours, and educational experiences to let students freely explore a site.



Online education

Instead of simply providing your students with a photo of an important item and describing its features, why not have a photorealistic interactive model of it where students can see it from all angles and explore the item for themselves? You can even add annotations to specific parts of the 3D item.

The 3D scans can be embedded into your online learning management system (e.g. Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, edX) without the need for special plugins or administrator permissions, and are accessible on desktop computers, laptops, tablet devices and smartphones.




The collections in some institutions are beautiful for fully-able adults, but can be difficult to appreciate for people in wheelchairs, children, those with visual impairments, and are completely inaccessible to those confined at home or in care.

3D scanning can capture the richness and detail of real life artefacts, and deliver these objects through large touch screens, iPads, websites and virtual reality experiences that can be installed in the venue, or be accessible anywhere through the web or an app.


Art, motion graphics, special effects, VFX

3D scanning can help artists and visual effects specialists to work with real life products and locations without having to pain through reconstructing them through 3D modelling and illustration. Lower resolution scans can also be created and retopologised for use in games.

3D scans can be delivered in a variety of formats such as FBX and OBJ, with flexible options in texturing and mesh structure.

3D printing

Just like a real life 3D version of photocopying, Ricky can 3D scan items and locations in a format suitable for replication on a 3D printer. Give your audience a 3D printable copy or downloadable 3D file of your exhibition, or perhaps make an action figure of your mascot!


Combine it with other technology

3D scanning is a versatile technology, and so far Ricky has combined 3D scanning with virtual reality, augmented reality, touch screens, web sites, and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

With years of experience in many forms of technology, both conventional and experimental, Ricky scans in formats suitable for many forms of application. If you have an exotic new creative idea you want to try, then Ricky is best placed to work with you on a practical way to turn those dreams into reality.


Interested in 3D scanning? Please reach out and contact Ricky!

Ricky Vuckovic
0415 148 098