I started programming when I was 4 years old, on a Commodore 64. I still have that “Introduction to BASIC” book 32 years later, and I still love coding.

Aside from the 32 years of near-daily hobby programming, 16 of those years have also been in professional work in a senior or specialist programming role. I have coded for small businesses, for Australian Federal Government, for a leading Australian university, and as myself both as a contractor plugged into other agencies to fill an urgent or specialist role, as well as my own business and freelancing career.

These days I use Unity as my main coding environment, but can also slot into projects based in Visual Studio and XCode (and am always keen to learn new environments if you have specific needs).

As you can see from the demo video here, I’m no stranger to playing with various technologies, such as the steering wheel, online database and maps functions toyed with in the Rixi demo.
(don’t forget to check the portfolio page for even more fun tech!)

If you need someone who knows code and doesn’t flinch at the unknown, then please reach out and contact me by email or call 0415 148 098.