Mobile game for kids where they choose what Pogg does next. Also useful in speech pathology.

About the app

Pogg is a fun iPhone, iPad and Android educational game for young children. It stars Pogg, a little green alien who can do all sorts of things.

Pogg is built on the open question, “What should Pogg do now?”, allowing you to type in whatever you like, and Pogg will most likely be able to do it – type in “run” and he’ll go for a run… type in “cook” and he cooks!

You can also watch all of Pogg’s actions through Picture Mode, which presents each action as an easy to press icon.

This app is completely my own design, and although it has a warm place in the hearts of many kids, it has gained particular fame in the area of special education in the fields of speech therapy (SLP), autism, language development and vocabulary building.

pogg-in-a-bookI had a really heartwarming conversation with therapists from a wellness center in the USA where I learnt that Pogg has elicited the very first words spoken by speech delayed children in their programs.

Pogg also features as a case study in the book Technology Tools for Students with Autism.