Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is the mixing of the real world with the virtual. Sometimes this comes in the form of a mobile app that tells you where you are on a campus, or recognises where you are in a gallery and gives you information about the exhibit you are looking at.

Another use for Augmented Reality is overlaying virtual objects onto real life, such as this playful AR piece I made using simple drink coasters.

This playful example has some seriously impressive technology underneath.

The mobile app I designed will recognise each of these drink coasters, understand where they are in position and rotation, and overlay a 3D item exactly on top of them.

The 3D scanned doughnut I made for the first coaster could easily be replaced with one of the 2,000 year old ancient Roman artefacts I scanned for ANU Classics Museum for example, which could effectively give someone a virtual museum in their pocket through the use of a coaster (or a business card or a paper printed marker) and this app to let people see these precious items and pick them up and turn them around in real life.

The third coaster in this video shows off some basic animation – Augmented Reality objects don’t have to be static.

If you would like an Augmented Reality app designed, please reach out and contact me:
0415 148 098