Touch screens for exhibitions, public programs, education

I have been designing touch screen exhibitions since 2002 for national institutions, museums and private exhibitions.

If you have an upcoming exhibition, a special event, or a collection that you want people to have hands-on large touch screen or touch table access to, then please contact me to discuss your ideas and needs.


ANU Classics Museum

ANU Classics Museum has an incredible collection of ancient Roman and Greek artefacts. I 3D scanned some of these as accurate photorealistic 3D models for the museum’s website, and later created a custom-made interactive touch screen for the launch of the new ANU Centre for Classical Studies.

This touch screen allowed visitors to get a full 3D hands on experience with artefacts 2,000-2,500 years old, to see all sides of the items, even underneath them, in full big screen glory.

Monarch Interactive

You don’t have to be a museum to have a touch screen!

Monarch Building Solutions amazed visitors to its Canberra display home by commissioning a custom interactive touch screen experience that I designed and created. Visitors to the display home used the touch screen to view floor plans and a timeline of the building process, and contact various building material suppliers showcased in the display home.

Coolest of all was the ability for visitors to customise various rooms in the house through the touch screen, changing flooring options, wall colours, all with instant photorealistic results up on the screen.

Monarch got a lot of business enquiries based on the engagement and interest raised by this touch screen.


I worked on the Saltwater Yirrkala bark paintings of sea country touch screen for the Eora First People exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Viewers can see the park paintings in the collection, touch on elements to learn more, hear the pronunciation of Yolgnu words, watch videos of the history of the area and stories of the bark paintings, and do a quiz about Saltwater Country.