I work in a very broad range of educational design, development and technology projects, with expertise in the field for over 12 years.

Some of my clients have very specific needs, for example, “I need 10 educational videos made for a MOOC, delivered as a talking head from our experts that already know what to say, plus a single 30 second animated intro explainer video.”

Other clients are at the very start of a project, “We would like to teach courses online, but have no idea how to put our in-person expertise into an online form. Can you train and guide us through the whole process?”

Everybody has different needs, and I don’t try to squash people into standardised templates. All my clients receive a tailored, professional, creative and patient service, and all of my clients have been very happy with my work.

Some of the organisations and projects I’ve worked with


The complete service from the initial, “We have ideas and expertise in our field, but don’t know how to put any of it online as courses”, all the way to professional online training modules available to mental health practitioners in Australia.

Australian National University

Helping the ANU make significant steps forward in its online learning design and online course delivery. Major educational design and technology projects in simulation-based learning, web conferencing, staff training, video scenarios, online marking tools, and making Moodle look amazing.

Australian Government

Designing and delivering online training in a Government organisation to over 1,000 staff spread over 60 countries, and paving the way for their use of simulation-based learning.


I teach over 1,500 students with my 5 star rated “How to Talk to Camera with Confidence” and “How to Teach Online Courses on Udemy and Beyond” online courses on Udemy.

How we can work together

We would most likely start with a casual meeting to discuss your project, your needs, your pain points, and basically what you’re looking for assistance with.

From there we can work out an initial plan, and discuss time, money, stages of delivery, institutional politics and all the other things that are necessary to structure a successful project together.

My educational services span a wide range of course development, curriculum mapping, video and animation production, hosting advice, gamification, staff training, and a whole load more that would make this page far too cluttered! These are all services available to you as part of our work together, and the main product you’re buying is my time, wide expertise, range of tools, and extensive field knowledge and connections that make your project successful.

If you’re interested in making online courses, then reach out and contact me, and we can have a chat about your specific online course design needs.