Rixi demo

A technical demonstration of some of Ricky’s coding ability

The Rixi demo is a small technical demo to show off some of my Unity coding skills. It includes steering wheel and pedal controls on a desktop app, iOS app coding, Google Maps and GPS, Firebase database communication with REST API and moving JSON data around, all wrapped up in a fun little car demo and companion app.

Made with Unity 4 Pro.
Database: Firebase
REST calls made possible with Best HTTP Pro Edition extension for Unity (for easy handling of PUT and DELETE requests).
Music: some random tracks I made.
Car engine sound from Toon Vehicle VRace Toolkit Physics.
3D city from Town Constructor Pack 1.
3D cars from Fantastic Race Car 30 and 56.
3D people from Character Pack 02.
People walk on predefined paths made with Camera Path 2.
Google Maps code from Online Maps.
Rixi app interface uses elements from Traffica and Alo Taxi templates on GraphicRiver.