SketchFab embedding preview

Hello! This is a quick example of embedding something from SketchFab.

This text is just normal simple text that I enter into my own website as I do with any other content… and then:

[sketchfab id=”b60a1da743c342c18afcc21267764a06″ start=”1″ spin=”0.1″ controls=”0″]

The bit just above is an interactive 3D model that’s sitting on SketchFab. It’s a 3D scan by some guy named Louis who put this up as a publicly viewable model.. and with any luck it looks like it comes directly from this site rather than living somewhere else. It’s very much the same thing as all those websites that have videos that are really living on YouTube or Vimeo (either as public videos or hidden private ones that you can’t see on YouTube, but you can see them from inside your own site).

Cool hey?