Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the work that I can do for you

Saltwater touch screen project

Touch screens

I make touch screens for galleries, museums, exhibitions in general. Examples include Saltwater and Monarch Interactive.

Screenshot of the Pogg Cards app


I make apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, with Windows apps coming soon. My best known app is Pogg, with others including Easy Jumping Game, Pogg Cards and Fly Plane.

Screenshot of Easy Jumping Game


I’ve been coding games since I was 4 years old. These days I make mobile and desktop games like Easy Jumping Game, as well as creative concept work such as Punchy, where you make loud noises into a microphone to fight off bad guys.

3D scanning examples

3D scanning

Some of my recent museum work includes bringing the museum collection to people’s homes. The 3D scanning work I’m doing for the ANU Classics Museum lets the world get up and close with these ancient artefacts.

Online course design

Online course design

I have worked in professional online educational design and development for over 10 years. I design and teach online courses on Udemy, and I also offer educational design consultancy and mentoring, which includes a recent mental health online course design project.

Emotiv Epoc neuroheadset

Experimental technology

As a coder, new and unknown territory is one of the areas I love and excel in. Mind-controlled games, mobile virtual reality.. if you’ve got new technology ideas you want developed, let me know!

Interested? Please contact me about your next project.

Phone: 0415 148 098