Streets Magnum, 7 Deadly Sins

Award-winning information resource for Unilever’s global branding and marketing teams

The project:

This CD-ROM was for an internal release to every brand and marketing manager that works for Unilever Ice Cream globally. It then went in as part of a brand development presentation that won the global Unilever annual marketing competition later that year. It showcases national television campaigns, radio campaigns, a corporate video and various imagery of the Streets Magnum 7 Deadly Sins range.

I worked with Leo Steiner and Images Unlimited Pty Ltd to transform their branding and marketing materials into an interactive information pack. Images Unlimited provided the raw materials, Leo Steiner supplied graphical concept stills, and I chopped and processed and coded it all into a cross-platform CD-ROM for distribution to Streets Australia, and eventually a modified version to share with other Unilever global marketing and branding agencies.

The success of this project led onto further interactive work for me with Streets Paddle Pop and Lion Nathan’s BeerMaster program.