The ANU Classics Museum

3D Scanning for the ANU Classics Museum

Letting the world enjoy these amazing 2,000 year old ancient Greek and Roman artefacts.

I had the opportunity to 3D scan eight incredible ancient Greek and Roman artifacts from the ANU Classics Museum. Some of these date back to 4th century BC, and are beautifully preserved in the Museum.

Now, some of these artefacts are available to the world to enjoy up close 🙂

My 3D scanning technique is called “photogrammetry”, which involves taking heaps of photos and processing them into 3D data. This technique means that I get perfect colour and texture reproduction, and it doesn’t involve expensive equipment. Best of all, for these kinds of ancient artefacts, there’s hardly any handling of the objects required.

I spent a day taking hundreds of photos of each artefact, and then days of processing and cleaning up in order to make them available online.

You can play with one of the artefacts here on this page by clicking the picture to the left.

Once it loads:

  • Click and drag your mouse to spin the artefact around
  • Roll your mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • Click and drag your right mouse button to move the artefact around the page.

Please visit the ANU Classics Museum for more 🙂