Ricky Vuckovic has been in the professional world of online course design, multimedia production and educational video creation for over 15 years.

He provides these services in the form of personal coaching and mentoring, as well as through self-paced online courses that you can take any time you like in the comfort of your home or workplace.

How to make online courses on Udemy and beyond

How to make online courses on Udemy and beyond

How to plan, design and create your own online courses to sell for a passive income on Udemy, Skillshare and other online learning sites.

A step by step practical approach to making online courses, even if you have no prior teaching experience.

This course has attracted 5 star reviews and over 500 students in its opening week.

How to talk to camera with confidence, warmth and look good

How to talk to camera with confidence and warmth

Speaking, presenting, scripting and filming techniques for recording yourself even if you’re a camera shy introvert.

This course has hundreds of happy students and has received glowing reviews, ranging from camera shy first-time presenters, through to highly impressed TV directors.