I love to work hands on with whatever technology I can afford, and avidly study about all the others currently out of my reach. I’m currently experimenting with tech such as the Emotiv neuroheadsets as well as VR headsets. I’m also playing with Arduino for letting desktop and tablet applications interact with machines in the real world. Imagine a robotic arm that can move just by your thoughts of wanting the arm to move – I’m working on it!

Software: Autodesk Recap photo, 3ds Max

Hardware: iPhone 5C camera

Music: Ricky Vuckovic (me!) in FL Studio

Some of my experiments are far simpler in nature, and whether or not these experiments work out, that’s rarely the point of why I do them. Each time I play with something new, I learn something useful that might one day help me or someone else on a future project.

The video here is an example of a random thought I had of, “I wonder how real it would look if I took a hundred photos of one of my shoes and processed it through Autodesk Recap’s photo-to-3D system. I had no need for a 3D shoe at the time, but I now have some direct practical experience in case one day a museum approaches me with a delicate artifact they’d like digitised into an interactive 3D model that kids can view up close on a big touch screen or an iPad at home.

In fact, since this experiment, I have been doing some 3D scanning work at ANU Classics Museum, scanning ancient greek and Roman artefacts around 2,000 years old.

It’s this constant tinkering and insatiable need to explore new technologies and try new ideas that gives me my huge range of skills and insight.