Touch screen concept for the idea of upgrading a human.

You can upgrade Dave (the character on the screen) through a variety of options starting as simple as going for a 30 minute walk everyday, up to a completely bionic body.

Each choice affects Dave’s stats, such as life expectancy, running speed… plus any extra abilities or potential complications he might gain through each upgrade. It gives a glimpse of potential future technology, as well as a demonstration of some simple things that people can do today to start upgrading their life.

This concept is targeted as an exhibition touch screen experience, but it would work just as well installed on a laptop on a traveling exhibition, or as a webpage.

Like it? Want to chat further? Contact me at ricky@rickyvuckovic.com

Please note that as this is just a private concept video, the graphics are built from the library of 3D characters and accessories that I have on hand, and some of the icon designs are based on random image searches I did and then transformed to white silhouettes. If this concept is approved for full production, the final graphics would be completely original designs.