I am incredibly conscious of “creative technologist” being a shiny buzzword that people throw around to sound important, so here is a list of some of what I do, and you can decide what category to put me in:

  • I can look at most digital exhibits in galleries and museums and know how they were made, and can clearly tell you (in normal or in tech speak) every step of how to make one yourself.
  • I have been coding for 32 years, over many languages and environments, to the point where the technology I use is second nature and invisible.
  • I can absolutely write you a custom program to automatically turn your big digital signage TV on at 8am and off at 7pm by sending the monitor special commands through its serial port… but I’d probably recommend that you just buy a $10 power plug timer.
  • Clients ask me, “I want to be able to do… …is that possible?”, and once I understand the intention of their idea, I can give them solid advice on what approaches they can take.
  • I get dropped into completely unfamiliar territory (“hey, can we make a photobooth by next week?”, “can you get these old Betacam tapes to stream over the web?”) and I get the job done without flinching.
  • I have done photography, video production, directing actors, 3D animation, special effects, brochures, books, sound effect Foley, and music composition. I can hold my own in any of these fields, but I also know that there are many others out there far better than me, and I love working with them and learning from them.
  • I’m often the bridge between widely different groups in a project (e.g. university academics and IT server staff) and I speak easily with all sides in their own terminology.
  • I am completely comfortable in saying, “I have no idea, but let’s have a shot at it together and see what we can come up with.”
  • I am capable of handcrafting every page of this website from scratch and hosting it on a server that I built and configured myself, but I’m sensible enough to know that my time is better spent on making intriguing content on an easy to maintain WordPress site on a reputable server, and actually releasing this in good time for you to see.

That’s the basic outline of what you get with me. I’m capable of pretty much anything in interactive digital media, and you get your best value from me when you put me in a role that can bridge and advise across the creative and technical.

Please feel free to have a chat with me about your next project.