Pogg Privacy Policy

The Pogg app is completely self-contained and free of internet use, social connectivity, in-app purchases, online check-in, camera, email and other communication features. You buy Pogg once, you get all there is to get, and every now and then an update comes out with some more actions or new features. That’s it.

This app doesn’t know who you are or track your usage, and so your privacy is assured in the use of this app.


If you’d like to participate in the Pogg community and share your stories and suggest new actions and features for Pogg and my app development in general, then you are very welcome and encouraged to like the Pogg Facebook page.

Liking the Pogg page carries the usual privacy and sharing rules as anything else on Facebook – I will get a notification that you now like the Pogg page, and I can see comments you make and even use the private messaging tool to send you a message, usually sent from my Pogg account rather than my personal Facebook account. This Pogg account is shared between myself and my wife, who helps occasionally with checking the feedback and suggestions that come in.

While we’re very interested and really encourage you to share your stories of how you use Pogg, we will definitely not actively look you up or Facebook stalk you based on your page likes or any other information that you share. If we would like to follow up on a story or directly quote and name you in our marketing material, we will ask for your permission first and only go ahead if you are happy to do so.


Hopefully that covers all that you need to know about Pogg and privacy. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with any of this, please let me know: ricky@rickyvuckovic.com

– Ricky