I had the good fortune of being an beta tester for Apple’s upcoming App Analytics service inside iTunes Connect.

This video outlines my first impressions:


My first impression is that App Analytics is a much needed addition to iTunes Connect, and something that many developers have probably been asking about for years. Finally there’s an easy way to get a count of how many visitors have seen your app’s page on the App Store, and with a bit of work you’ll be able to even track the source of visit by using the Campaigns tool to create custom URLs so that you can track how many customers came to your app through a tweet, versus through YouTube, or a paid ad, or a website reviewing your app.

Yes, we’ve had some insight in the past through services like App Annie, and if you’ve been making Android apps then yes some of this feels like a very slow catch up to what Google Play has been doing for a while, but the upcoming iOS App Analytics info it’s still a very welcome addition to iTunes Connect.